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Creative “Cross-Merchandising”

Cross merchandising is a marketing practice that groups often unrelated products together in order to increase sales or exposure for both products. An example would be a gas station advertising a free bottle of Brand X pop with every fill up of Brand Z gas. Brand X and Z may or may not be related, but each can help increase the exposure of the other.

I have always been a proponent of borrowing tips, techniques, and ideas from one area of interest and employing them in another, particularly in model building. Years ago, I learned a trick in a cabinetmaking class of rolling a sheet of sandpaper back and forth over the edge of a table in order to extend its useable life. When I demonstrated this trick to an auto restoration workshop, many seasoned autobody people were amazed. In my own auto restoration experience it has saved me hundreds of dollars in sandpaper.

The notion of learning trade secrets, and tips and tricks, from outside my own circle has prompted me to join online forums in a variety of craft and hobby related areas, because you never know where that next model building trick will come from. The article, "Organizing a Scale Model Painting Party", presents a refreshing reinvention of a tried and true concept, and is directly applicable to our craft as model railroaders, and as soon as someone hosts a Weathering Techniques party – I’m in!

You’re probably familiar with the expression, “bringing in a fresh pair of eyes”. The psychology behind this idiom suggests that perhaps, someone not familiar with a project might present a new perspective, or see things that go unnoticed through familiarity. Katlyn is our fresh pair of eyes, and has used her artistic interests and writing ability to present to us some fresh perspectives and ideas, which will be more than welcome in our model building endeavors.

Welcome Katlyn Hudson, contributing writer

About Katlyn:

Katlyn has been writing for five years after taking a step back from her career to be a work-from-home mom. Her interests include dog walking, fairy gardens, and scale model farms.

The Benefits of Taking Up Model Building as a Hobby

by Katlyn Hudson

A hobby is defined as “an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.” From dancing to painting to 3D printing, there is something out there for everyone. One such hobby that has been in practice for decades is scale modelmaking. Whether you  want to build a bridge, a residential structure, trackside structures, or something else, the possibilities are truly endless. For those who are in search of a new hobby for the New Year, modelmaking delivers a list of exceptional benefits that extend beyond the immediate fun it provides.

Creativity is beneficial for your health and wellbeing

Photo by Andrew Neel on UnsplashStudies have found that creativity of all kinds, including drawing and art, singing, and modelmaking, can actually improve your health and wellbeing. In fact, creativity has been linked to decreased stress levels, reduced anxiety, enhanced self-confidence, and personal growth. While many individuals may not immediately consider modelmaking to be a “creative” habit, there is absolutely an art to creating the many kinds of structures available. Rather than simply putting together a building and leaving it be, many hobby modelmakers develop miniature cities and scenes around their models.

Having a hobby can decrease stress

Hobbies aren’t just for leisure and entertainment. In fact, researchers have found that individuals who have one (or more) hobbies reap specific benefits as a result. One particular benefit that you can expect to see as you take on modelmaking as a hobby is decreased stress levels. Why are hobbies so effective in reducing stress experienced? They provide a break from work and daily stressors, create feelings of accomplishment, and can help build social connections with those who share hobbies.

Scale modelmaking can boost mental health

Above and beyond other hobbies that one can choose, experts tout the mental health benefits of scale modelmaking. One study published by AARP shows that this specific activity “enhances certain cognitive skills such as concentration, visual-motor skills, and executive functions [processes the brain uses to plan, organize, strategize, and pay attention to and remember details].” At any age, keeping the brain active on a regular basis is crucial. Those who engage their brain often can improve their memory, enhance concentration and focus, quickly grasp new ideas and concepts, and decrease the risk of developing chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Start the year off by taking advantage of all of the benefits of scale modelmaking. In addition to the reward and fun it provides, this single activity can enhance your health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

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