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Making Glitter Houses (part Two):

This is Part Two of a tutorial designed to help with construction of Plan 1226, Glitter Houses.

glitter houses


This project is different than the regular projects featured on ScaleModelPlans.com in that they are imaginary structures, and not modeled after existing buildings. They are also designed to be relatively simple to construct, but if working as a family, please make sure that only the adults use the sharp tools.

Click here for Glitter House Plans

cardstock modelling railraod buildings

Individual plan sheets may include specific pointers or suggestions, but you are generally ready for the roof at this point.

Plan 735 cardstock model sheets

Some of the structures have 12:12 pitch roofs, which means a 90 degree angle. You can use a metal square to align and hold the roof halves together while the glue sets.

cardstock buildings for model trains

Test fit the roof to the walls first. If the fit looks good, run a bead of glue along the top edges of the walls.

Carefully align the roof to the wall assembly, making sure that it is centered on the walls. Once the pieces contact each other, you may not get a second chance to make an adjustment. If you make a mistake it is sometimes possible to separate pieces with a reinforced razor blade or hobby knife, but it's best to try to be right the first time.

cardstock buildings for model trains

This is the complete assembled set of structures from Plan 1226S. The roof of the store has been left off until after painting and attachment of the windows, but it is not necessary.

Click here for Glitter House Plans

cardstock buildings for model trains

Some of the models have a protruding front porch. The position of the porch roof is indicated on the template. Use sewing pins to mark the location of the porch roof.

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building cardstock models

With the template removed, re-insert the pins, where they can be used to locate and steady the roof panel while gluing.

building cardstock models

The plans suggest two methods of creating the chimneys. The example on the left, (Green), involves cutting into the roof panels, but will provide a stronger support if used as a Christmas Tree ornament.

Acrylic craft paints are ideal for this project. They are available in numerous colors, and the thicker pigments and thicker consistency works like a wood filler for small cracks and imperfections in the balsa wood. Drying time is also very good.

HO Scale cardstock model Store

If you lightly sand after the first coat you will get a much smoother surface on the final coat.

Cutting out the windows can be done with scissors, or with the help of a steel ruler and hobby knife.

You will notice on the sheet of windows and doors that, where possible, the edges are aligned to facilitate using a knife and straight edge to cut them out.

cardstock structures for model trains

This is a trick borrowed from our Cardstock Construction Tutorial. Use a felt pen of matching color, (red, blue, green), to color the white edges of the windows and doors. Even though the white edge is only paper-thin, it will show significantly in your finished project. The felt pen makes a huge difference.

cardstock structures for model trains

This is probably best done after painting, but you can use the wall templates to poke location holes for the windows and doors. If you poke one hole at each corner of each door and window it will be much easier to place and glue the windows in the proper location.

cardstock structures for model railroads

Use craft glue for the windows. CA glue will bleed through and darken the images.

The tiny windows can be held it place while gluing, by using a tooth pick or the handle end of a small paint brush

cardstock structures for model trains

Make sure that the 'snow' in the windows is facing the same direction.

The eye hooks will be used to hang the ornament from the Christmas tree, but are also useful to hold the project while finishing.

Glitter Houses

I found these tiny Christmas decorations at a dollar store. You can also find Christmas theme plastic buttons at some sewing stores. You can attach them with CA or craft glue.

Make your own Putz Houses

The final step is to apply the glitter.

Fixative is generally used to protect drawings, paintings, and other artwork from fading due to UV rays. It is also used to provide a level of moisture protection on cardstock (paper) models. In this case, it will act as the adhesive to attach the glitter flakes. Use Gloss and not a matte finish.

Find a well ventilated area, and lay down any protective mats or drop sheets to catch the over spray. Spray a wet coat on each exposed surface of the glitter houses. Try for as thick a coat as possible without getting any runs.

Make your own Putz houses

Using the chimney as a handle, sprinkle an even coat of glitter on each exposed surface. Shake off any excess flakes. You can collect and reuse these later.

Before the glitter has a chance to dry, use a stiff paint brush or your fingernails to wipe off any glitter covering the doors and windows.

Allow to dry, and spray a final light coat of fixative to secure the glitter flakes in place. Too thick of a coating may take away some of the sparkle of the glitter flakes, so you want just enough to prevent the flakes from coming off when handling the glitter houses. Its a good idea to practice on a scrap piece first.

Make your own Glitter Houses

Your glitter houses can be used as a mantle top display, or hung on a tree as ornaments.

Click here for Glitter House Plans

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