A Guide to the Online Shopping Experience:

ScaleModelPlans.com makes it easy to create your own scratch-built structures for model railroads, dioramas, strategy games, etc., but if you're more comfortable with hobby tools than with computers, and you've never bought online before, this guide is designed to help you with the online shopping process.

Follow this step-by-step guide that will explain the simple process of what to do after you place your order, allowing you to get stared on your next project within minutes of making your purchase.

Instant download: Within a few minutes of placing your order you are able to get started on your next project!

Model Train Building Plans

Five easy steps to purchasing and downloading your digital plans:

model railroad cardstock model

Step 1 - Select you purchases


As you go through the various catalog pages you can make your selections by first selecting one of four scales, N, HO, OO, or O, then click the Add to Cart button.

If you are working with another scale such as Z, TT, or S, Click Here for more information.

Once your are finished shopping, or at any time you want to review your purchases, you can select the View Cart button.

Fig. 1  

Step 2 - Review you purchases


In the View Cart window you can either choose to Continue Shopping or you can Check Out to complete your purchase.

Check the Quantities at this time. You would generally only need more than 1 of each plan if you were a professional model builder constructing more than one copy of each structure.

If you don't have a PayPal account select the "Check Out" button on the left and you can choose your method payment.

*If building strictly for yourself you can construct multiple  structures from each plan.

Fig. 2  

PayPal is a secure method of making online purchases.  They will ask you for some information in confirming your purchase.

Your address and email address are used to register your purchase with ScaleModelPlans.com. Remember that your purchases are downloaded. You will not receive anything by regular mail.

Make sure that you have entered your correct email address.

Fig. 3  

Step 3 - Downloading


Although you will receive an email confirmation with a copy of the download links it is best if you wait to be re-directed to the main download page.


Please do not close this window!

Wait to be re-directed or click to proceed to the File Download page.

Fig. 4  

This is the download page. There will be a link to each of the Plan Package files that you purchased.

There are also some useful links to Help Files and other software that may come in handy, such as a free PDF reader.

If using Firefox right-click on each link and choose Save link as...

Fig. 5  

If using Internet Explorer right-click on each link and choose Save target as...

Fig. 6  

When using the "Save as..." or "Save target as..." functions you can usually tell the browser where you want to save your files.  This will come in handy when you go to look for them later.

This example shows the file 1143_O.pdf saved to the default Windows location.

Fig. 7  

Please check your email!

Backup Copy (Not usually needed, but nice to have)

This is a backup copy of the download page that is sent to your email address.  It also contains the links to the help files and free software.

* Some Email service providers may block this email, depending on your personal settings! Don't worry... you can always contact us directly and we will be happy to send your files manually.


If you are not redirected to the download page, or you do not receive the email link within a few minutes of completing your order please Click Here to contact us providing us with your email address.

There is no time limit. Your plans are automatically registered to your email address and you may claim them at any time merely by contacting us.

Fig. 8  

Step 4 - Done!


That's it. You've successfully downloaded the File Package.

 It can be opened with Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, or other PDF reader.

Fig. 9  

What you receive in the file package:

The first page of the PDF file is a table of contents. All plans, unless otherwise specified in the catalog, include:

  • Generic Construction Guide
  • Generic Cardstock Construction Guide
  • Scaled plans
  • Traceable template files
  • Pre-colored cardstock files for printing to cardstock or photo paper
Fig. 10  


Construction guides for:

  • Cardstock construction
  • Scratch built construction

Illustrated 12 page Generic Construction Guide & 11 page Cardstock Modeling Guide.

Fig. 11  

Scaled plans


Detailed set of scaled plans, enabling true "scratch-built" construction.

Fig. 12  

Traceable Templates

Accurately scaled templates, allowing you to trace out and build to your choice of materials.

Fig. 13  

*Bonus: color Print-outs

Designed to print on cardstock or photo paper, these patterns can be used for 'mock-up' for conventional construction, or on their own as complete models.

* Pre-colored printable cardstock patterns are included as a free bonus and are not factored in to the cost of the plans. Click here for details. Colors may differ from models shown.  Contact us for color information on individual plans.
Fig. 14  

Model Builder Templates are available for licensed owners of the Model Builder Program

These are not required for construction of any of our models, but these importable WMF files are handy if you happen to use the Evans Designs Model Builder software program. These will be provided upon request once your order is completed.

Click Here to see how our templates can be used with the MB program.

Model Builder software includes dozens of roof and wall textures, doors and windows. Our importable templates make it easy to create very detailed and realistic looking cardstock models in a variety of scales.



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Fig. 15
Once you have purchased your plans Click here to order the Model Builder Templates

Happy Modelling!

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