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Create Your Own Structures - Scratch building made easier!

Print - Trace - Cut out - Assemble :

scale plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans

It's a simple as: Print to standard letter size paper, cut out the templates and trace onto balsa, basswood, styrene, foam board, or any other choice of hobby material. No calculations necessary - templates are scaled to proper size. For the 'craftsman' who enjoys scratch building and wants more of a challenge, scaled plan packages also include a set of scaled ‘blueprints’ for a true scratchbuilt structure using your choice of materials. Imperial measurements are provided, but since all plans are drawn actual size you can work in metric if you prefer.

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  • N scale RefineryPlan 2088
  • N Scale model train buildingPlan 1046
New Plan1 model railroad coal tower2 model train control tower3 HO Scale grain elevator4 scratch built garage5 N scale Refinery6 N Scale GTP Depot7

All Structure images on this site are photos of actual scale models.

An affordable alternative to expensive kits provides a bridge between 'scratch-built' and kit structures. Our scaled plan sets include traceable patterns and templates, as well as a pictorial guide to help even a novice model builder create realistic scale model structures for a Model Railroad layout or diorama.

To help you get started, our plans are ranked in one of three basic skill levels, (basic, moderate or advanced).

Building from scratch may be easier than you think

Unlike kits, when you build from scratch you are not paying extra for pre-cut materials, step by step instructions, or a detailed materials list. Instead, you get the details you need, the choice to use whatever building materials you choose, and the freedom to customize as you like.

"I love the plans because they can be built out of any material!"
- Frank M, Middletown DE

Check out our bonus Cardstock versions...

scale plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans
scratchbuild plans

Subject to availability, with each purchase we will also include a FREE printable Cardstock or cardstock/hybrid version. See catalog description for availability.

We specialize in providing comprehensive scaled plans for scratch building, but the bonus ready to print cardstock or 'hybrid' versions can be used as a mock-up placeholder, or stand-alone structure.

Also available on request are WMF template files importable into Model Builder ® software.

(The cardstock versions and Model Builder Templates are 'Free Gift with purchase' offers are not factored into the price of the plan packages. We reserve the right to discontinue these free offers at any time. Click here for details and to see examples.

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of N Scale 1:160, HO Scale 1:87, OO Scale 1:76, and O Scale 1:48 plans,  templates, and Cardstock patterns, then click to download the printable PDF files so you can get started on your next project. Modelling in Z, TT, or S scales? Visit our tutorial on Z Scale, TT Scale, S Scale and 1:10(RC) scale models.

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All Structure images on this site are photos of actual scale models  
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Scratch Building made easier

- Scale model plans for HO Scale, N Scale, OO and O Scale model railroad buildings and structures. Create realistic, inexpensive scale model buildings for your model railroad layout, diorama, or toy train set. Build to accurate scale with Computer Aided Design miniature plans or simply cut out the traceable templates.  As an added limited time offer, you can print out color patterns to card stock to create paper models of buildings and structures. If 'kit-bashing' is more your style, try customizing, or combining patterns. Use up your leftover model building supplies to create a unique scale model structure. View our on-line catalog of HO Scale , N Scale, OO and O Scale plans to get started on your next building in scale project. Beginners Welcome!

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