"World's Cheapest Hobby Saw?" - Converting a tile saw into a hobby saw

I've been looking around for a table-top hobby saw, but not too many places carry them around here. However, I have come across several tile saws that seemed to be about the right size.  The only drawback was the carbide blade and the 5/8" arbor size.

When I found a tile saw on sale for $44.95  I couldn't pass up the deal. I felt confident that the worst case scenario would be that I might have to spend a few minutes on a lathe cutting a new shoulder on the shaft mandrel.

It turned out to be easier than I'd planned.

This is a Skil ® Carbide Flooring Blade, 4 3/4" diameter with a 20mm arbor. 

The little washer to the left is a 20mm to 5/8" reducer. The combination turned the tile saw into a table-top hobby saw.

These adaptors are available in a variety of sizes. The adaptors are probably easier to find at a tool specialty store than a big-box store. Not too many people are aware of their existence.

* DISCLAIMER:  This article is for journalistic purposes only and not to be taken as an endorsement of a product or procedure.  Safety is a major concern. Check the operating RPM of the blade against the motor speed. Check blade clearance and any other possible safety concerns before using. Make sure that the operation is perfectly safe before using.

Here are some currently offered tile saws for under $60.00:

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