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Gable Decorations :

Our Links page lists several suppliers of plastic doors, windows, gingerbread trim, etc. for various scales, but there may be reasons why you would choose to create your own - availability, affordability, or just for the sake of a sense of accomplishment. This tutorial shows a simple way of making your own gable decoration trim.

cutting HO Scale trim

This guide follows the construction of the gable decoration used on Plan 1290 from ScaleModelPlans.com – the Covered Bridge.

You could use pre-cut 1/16" x 1/16" balsa strips, but I chose to cut strips from thin veneer usingModel Train Plans for Structures a Micro Mark strip cutter. You could also use the strip cutting technique shown on our "Corner Boards" tutorial.

Veneer is available at some hobby shops as well as building supply stores.

The initial cost of the crimping tool can be offset after your first scale model project but if you plan on doing several sheet metal roofs or walls, it might be worth it.

HO Scale gingerbread trim

Cut strips of veneer longer than you need them so they are easier to handle.

Plan 1290 includes a few extra templates for the gable decoration. Cut them out leaving an extra margin of paper around the pattern. You will be gluing the strips onto the paper.

Refer to the Links page for additional help and hints.

Model Railroad gingerbread trim

Place a sheet of wax paper over your work surface.

Run a bead of super glue along the part of each strip that will be contacting the paper. Do not worry about trimming to length at this stage.

scale model gable trim

Once the glue sets up you can trim the veneer strips with a razor blade.

scale model gable trim

Once assembled, flip the gable trim over and saturate the backside of the paper with super glue.

scale model gable decoration

When the glue has thoroughly dried, trim off the excess paper with a sharp hobby knife. The paper faced side will be the back side of the assembly.


scale model gingerbread trim

This is a competed gable trim in HO scale. For smaller scales you can initially build the trim excessively larger than necessary, for handling, then trim down to the correct size once the glue has set.

Model Railway covered bridge

The finished gable decoration on Plan 1290.

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