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Model Railroad Building Plans for N, HO, OO, and O scale model railroad structures.

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Looking for building materials? Check out Northeastern Scale Lumber Co.'s online store.

Did you know that you can "borrow" windows from another scale? Check out our Window Cross-reference Chart to find close alternative to the windows you might be looking for.

Plan packages now include importable WMF files for Model Builder software. View the tutorial on integrating ScaleModelPlans.com templates with Model Builder to create realistic structures using cardstock or matte photo paper.

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Interested in miniature model making?

Scale model plans for HO Scale , N Scale, OO Scale, and O Scale model railroad buildings and structures. Create realistic, inexpensive scale model buildings for your model railroad layout, diorama, or toy train set. Build to accurate scale with Computer Aided Design miniature plans or simply cut out the traceable templates. As an added feature, you can print out color patterns to card stock to create paper models of buildings and structures. If 'kit-bashing' is more your style, try customizing, or combining patterns to create a unique scale model structure. View our on-line catalog of HO and N scale plans to get started on your next building in scale project. Beginners Welcome!